Kids breakfast ideas – why bother?

Now I like to think I’m a reasonable man, at least that’s what I tell myself each morning when I’m trying to get my kids to eat breakfast. Certainly I’m reasonable enough to get people to like me enough to employ me, and at least one person likes me enough to stay married to me, so why do my kids think I’m so unreasonable when I’m trying to come up with ideas for their breakfast?

I’ve found some really useful resources (like this breakfast ideas for kids site) but none of them actually tell me what I want to know – how to I get my kids to still still and focus for more than ten seconds on something we as adults think is to important?

When I was a kid (in the 1970s) breakfast here in England was a damned simple proposition for us kids; we had either breakfast cereals or toast. Yeah, that was pretty much it. But before we start to get high and mighty about living in simpler times with simpler and healthier foods let’s not forget that some of the worst crimes against food were committed in the 1970 – do you remember Pink Panther strawberry chocolate? What the hell was that stuff?

Anyway, I’m going off topic, which tends to happen when you start a WordPress site for the sole purpose of having a rant to nobody in particular (although hopefully my meanderings might amuse my fellow frustrated parents).

So yeah, when I was a kid it was breakfast cereal or toast, although I’m self-aggrandizing a bit as there’s no way I would have been allowed to have a crack at using the toaster when I was kid – I was the kinda child who could demolish half a supermarket aisle just turning around to ask my mum what the hell Pink Panther bars were made of. So in reality I just had cereal, and my parents (quite rightly) had some strong ideas on which cereals I would eat. They poured scorn on sugary brands like Coco Pops and insisted I stick to something simpler like Weetabix. I was perfectly happy with this idea, because I had breakfast ideas of my own. Weetabix might be like eating dirt mixed with wallpaper paste, but with a 20mm coating of sugar on top they were quite palatable. Well, the top 20mm was, that brown mush underneath was awful.

Incidentally I have tried feeding my kids Weetabix, and they’re reasonably into them, but they’re not so keen on actually finishing the whole dish. The problem this presents me is that it is left to harden in the dishwasher (because even in our shambles of a household we only put the dishwasher on once a day). Dried on Weetabix should be held up as a marvel of the modern age; no other substance is tougher, more resistant to elbow grease and any better at securely fastening two objects that that should not be as one.

Well now I’ve totally lost my train of thought, oh who cares. It’s lunchtime now and time to do go into battle again…


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